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Can't believe it has been two years already! Dane's birth story!

Conceived on July 17th (lucky day 7.7.07 LMP) at the Bunn Residence in Darien, Illinois. 2 days after Janelle told me that she was 2 months pregnant.
The next week we were in Las Vegas for Brian & Jamie Shea’s Wedding and our 2nd Anniversary. I had some major spotting after sex and called my mom. On our way to the rehearsal dinner, with a packed car, I made Greg stop at a Walgreen’s for a pregnancy test. I came out of the store with a bag of stuff I didn’t need and a test wrapped within a magazine so no one would see. I wanted until the next morning to take the test and it was negative (probably still to early for the test to detect). A few days later, we made it back to MN for a few days and then down to Des Moines for Brad, Marla and Baby Braden’s Baby Shower. At this point I was still feeling a little off. A very weird coincidence happened while at the party. When we were saying our goodbyes to The Gibson’s, Mick rubbed my belly and said good luck with the baby.?!?!?!? I went home to the Danielson’s and took the other test that I had brought home from Vegas. Another negative, but the test also had an error probably due to the 110 degree heat it traveled in my bag. We left late the next evening to drive back to MN so we stopped at the Dahl’s to get some snacks and one more test because I wasn’t convinced. We got home late and went to bed, knowing I had to get up right away and take the final test. I remember Greg sitting at our table in the basement playing with our new laptop. The test immediately turned to 2 pink positive lines!!! The date was August 7th, 2007.

I came out of the bathroom with my jaw hanging wide open. Greg got this huge grin on his face. We hugged a lot and celebrated! He next said, ”I bet you want to go and tell your mom?” So we ran upstairs while she was on the computer and slipped the test right under her nose next to the keyboard. She was in immediate shock! It took about 5 good minutes for her to stand up and hug both of us and say congratulations. We decided to surprise my dad when he got home from work. We placed the test in an envelope and addressed it to him, put a 2 cent stamp on it with a return address from Stork City, MN for a joke. I ran out and stuck in the mailbox between the other letters. He got home around 5 and was confused and kept asking what is this. Next he replied with, “I need a nap and a drink.” Not quite the excited expressions we were looking for right away but we knew it was due to shock. Later in the evening we all celebrated. Ty came home and got in the shower. I thought that I had left the box of the test in the bathroom so I poked my head in asked him if he was ready to be an uncle. He was also super shocked but excited! We called the Danielson’s and Kathie screamed with joy and Ron could barely believe it. That Sunday we had all the Suomela’s over for a Les’ Birthday dinner. My gram had gotten over sooner than everyone else so we ran to Target. We were going through the baby isles looking for something for Janelle and I couldn’t keep it from her. I whispered in her ear, “I’m pregnant!” She turns and looks at me, “Oh right…” Then turned back and figured I wasn’t lying. She was very happy. We got back to the house and everyone had arrived. My Gram and I could hardly hold still. She kept giving me the look since I told her she had to keep quiet until Greg. We had gone and bought some champagne. Everyone was crowded in the kitchen for appetizers we pulled out the champagne and Greg started the speech. “It’s been such a great summer….we’re so excited we got to spend so much time together….Michael got married….its Les’ birthday-enough about that we have bigger news….when we come home in the Spring we’ll be coming home with one extra!!!” Gram was roaring, PJ and Michelle were crying, Alana was silent screaming, Michael and Les didn’t quite get it right away then I had to call the Lemieux’s, Steve, and the McDougals. The next morning we met my Grandma and Grandpa Zilka at Perkins in Bloomington and surprised them with the news. I asked my Grandpa if he was ready for another great grandchild. “No I don’t need anymore of those…” We weren’t sure he understood the question. Then he later filled in a sentence with, “As long as you have a healthy baby its okay.” Silly Grandpa! Silly Great Grandpa for you.

1st Trimester
Since my first prenatal exam in the states and my 1st apt in Dubai at American Hospital I lost 2 lbs.
Nausea from week 10 to 11
Bad skin
Some cravings:
Hot fudge, banana malts from DQ
Anything seen on a commercial
Can’t go near:
Looking at raw meat
Barbeque Sauce-YUCK!
Had some light spotting two days before my first prenatal appointment which was in the states with Dr. Hirt @ Paul Larson Clinic, Edina.
Few days I had a yucky taste in my mouth
My nipple size doubled-gross!
My skin is SUPER dry and itchy, especially my back. Greg is required to put lotion on me almost daily

2nd Trimester

Continued itchy skin
Some headaches
Bloody Nose
Bloody Toothpaste
White blotchy skin
Slight swelling
Total body scan looks great. All the measurements are normal. Except really long legs and big hands. Go figure!
October 23rd we went it for a regular checkup. Then Dr. Christian Joza (German) asks if we plan to find out the sex. I respond ASAP!!! I’m dying to know. We went straight to the ultrasound room and found out that day! You should have seen the perm grin your dad had the whole day. The crazy coincidence. The previous night we were watching a sitcom Tori and Dean Inn Love. On the show, they were at their dr.’s office finding out the sex of their boy. The same view they showed with their baby is the same view Dr. Joza with our Baby Dane. I remembered it immediately and shouted, “I think I see a ding-a-ling.” Greg jumped out of his seat and didn’t believe me. But I was right!
Tuesday, November 20th two days before Thanksgiving I was laying in bed. I felt this air bubble type feeling then a flip flop. It happened 8 more times. I fell back asleep waiting for the next one.
Tuesday December 4th I woke up early because you were moving around so much and I think had the hiccups. I finally felt that you were kicking hard enough were daddy could feel. He was lying next to me watching Sportcenter and reached over and actually could feel. It was a great early bday present!
December 1st I was getting ready for Greg’s game and I jumped in the shower. I looked down and had a sort of heat rash looking thing covering the lower part of my belly. I had 40 dirhams to work with, no phone minutes, running late and luckily went to Martha Pippen who advised me to get hydrocortisone cream. Within 2 days it was gone!
As of November 27th I have gained almost 11 pounds.
We celebrated a quiet and cozy Christmas with just the two of us in preparedness for the years to come. We made a nice meal, watched some Christmas movies and thought about what a great year we’ve had!
As of week 26 all of my symptoms seem to be receding except heartburn. Luckily, not full blown heartburn. Just the kind that sits in the back of my throat just waiting to creep up.
I also starting working out again in hopes of less water retention. So far it feels great to sweat a little. Our first round of visitors just left, Bo and Kris, so we’ve been super busy and the time has been flying by.
Daddy loves to sing crazy songs to Baby and me too!
January 2nd we had a quick appointment with the normal tests and a quick look on the ultrasound. I think this is the 7th ultrasound we’ve had. In the states, most women only receive one or two. We think Dr. Joza’s lack of attention to detail with me comes from the fact that we get to check Baby and all his parts each time we visit the American Hospital. Baby is a full human being now and its crazy to think even how much bigger he will get in the next three months. We only received one picture since Baby was being stubborn with his head down south and facing the other direction. Still precious to see a strong back like his dad’s and big, manly hands.
I’ve been told this newfound daily heartburn predicts that Baby will be coming out with plenty of hair-just hopefully not as much as half brother Jaxson-who’s also preparing for the big arrival.
Our next apt. will be on the 2nd of February and Grandpa Ronnie will be joining us. From there on out we start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks.
So far I’ve only slightly read ahead in my reading material in hopes of trying not to freak out. I may have gotten ahead of myself one day which sent me on a frenzy of list making and internet searches. I took comfort in knowing that Janelle would still be going ahead of me and could prepare me for anything I’m not ready for. Her and I have already started planning photoshoots with both babes this spring when we return. We’d like to try and re-create the pose of us in the hospital together, as well as, something including both puppies whom we love very much!

3rd Trimester

Week 30 I got some sort of minor bacterial infection.
2.2.08 we had our 30 week checkup and were warned that baby has the head the size of a 33 week old baby-YIKES! Big feet-go figure but everything healthy and in place. Grandpa Ron was here to visit and got to meet Dr. Jozsa and see the ultrasound for himself.
Baby Dane better come out with some hair because the old wives tale says that if the Prego is experiencing heartburn then baby will come out with a head of hair.
16th of February we had a quick checkup today at the American Hospital and found out your are already 5 ½ lbs. I checked online and normal babies are around 3.75lbs. We also had a growth scan two days prior where we saw hair on your head and the technician tried to tell us that my due date would be around 28th of March. Your Pamma is trying to figure out when to book her ticket and she’s so frustrated. Dr. Josza said today that if you are nearing 5 kilos around week 37 they’ll think of inducing early!
Al Shabab is still trying to figure out which hospital we will be delivering at so we meet with a sweet Indian doctor at NMC Hospital (right in our backyard) just in case we need to switch.
Popped my first stretch mark last week-hoping those stay to a minimum!!! Other than that I’m really feeling great these days.
Daddy got me a mommy-to-be massage for Valentines Day and it was great for releiving water retention!
We only have a few things left to get the list. We’re so excited to show you your stroller. Daddy keeps putting Jaxson in it and wheeling him around the apartment.
These days we’re just waiting for cousin Payton Elizabeth to be born, her due date is 22nd Feb but Auntie Janelle is already dilated!
Cousin Payton is here! I had the craziest dream on the 17th. I woke up because I saw Janelle at the hospital and held Payton, she was gorgeous. I got out of bed to write Brian and Janelle a note on skype to see if everything is okay.
[2/18/2008 9:20:03 AM] Toni and Greg says: In my dreams last night I met Baby Girl Bunn and she was gorgeous
[2/19/2008 2:28:57 PM] Janelle Bunn says: Funny dream! We met that baby girl at 11:56 p.m. Februrary 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Payton Elizabeth Bunn, and she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!! We love you!! I will tell Janelle to Skype you when she gets home from the hospital. Pictures soon. Love, Brian
[2/19/2008 2:30:14 PM] Toni and Greg says: I knew it I knew it!!!
[2/19/2008 2:30:21 PM] Toni and Greg says: The dream was way too real!
[2/19/2008 2:30:28 PM] Toni and Greg says: I'm so happy for you guys!
[2/19/2008 2:30:38 PM] Toni and Greg says: Greg is too!
[2/19/2008 2:30:59 PM] Toni and Greg says: We love you so much and hope everything went easy!!!!
[2/19/2008 2:33:19 PM] Toni and Greg says: CANNNNNOT wait to meet baby Payton and see new mommy and daddy. take care
[2/19/2008 2:33:20 PM] Toni and Greg says: xoxo
[2/19/2008 2:33:25 PM] Janelle Bunn says: She is something!! Debbie and Bob flew in yesterday, and were at the hospital when Janelle delivered. She was amazing!! I have never met a stronger woman in my entire life!! I've come home to shower, I'm headed back over there in a little bit I will tell her to call you. Can't to watch Payton school little Dane in a game of old school backyard hoops!! She was 8lbs. 13 oz.
[2/19/2008 2:34:11 PM] Toni and Greg says: game on!!! Give them all a big hug for us!!!!!!
[2/19/2008 2:34:15 PM] Toni and Greg says: we're so happy!
[2/19/2008 2:35:04 PM] Janelle Bunn says: Talk to you soon!!
Week 32 Baby is already 2.27kg/5 lbs. Mommy is up 17 lbs.
Week 34 minor back pains, some itchiness, swelling of the fingers and ankles (now wearing wedding rings on pinkie), super super anxious for our arrival! We’re ready!! Can’t wait to meet Dane!
Week 37 Baby weighs 8 lbs., head is in the right position. Mommy has gained 25lbs, super swollen can’t even fit in some flip fops yet still can reach her toes to give herself a pedicure!!

March 3oth. Daddy and I are very anxious and frustrated this week. We could not be more ready to have baby here! Greg has four days off in a row and 55 days off of games until the end of May. We try to occupy or days but all we can think about is having this baby. We couldn’t buy anymore, talk about it anymore or be more excited-our hearts our ready to burst! We decide to go out to Tony Roma’s at Festival city and hope we can come up with something else to talk about. It ended up we didn’t say much the entire evening. We even thought the next day we won’t mention the baby at all in hopes that time would go faster. We finish dinner and head home. I was super uncomfortable and only remember thinking I wish I had my favorite pair of Greg’s sweatpants so I can be comfy cozy. Instead I opt for a big pair of CSKA shorts and my robe. I lay on the couch and give myself a quick pedi. In the meantime, Ron and Kathie call and we start chatting about our frustrations. Right in the middle of it I feel two quick blurps in my right side and I said, “I think my water just broke.” I get up off the couch to check and make sure I hadn’t peed my pants and it starts flowing all over the floor. Kathie starts screaming, Greg starts panicking, we call the Pippens and so it all begins. At first I felt calm and so thankfully excited! Then we try to call my parents and they had been out looking for properties for us and were in the back of a restaurant where their phones didn’t get reception. Then I start to get nervous. I jump in the shower, while calling Tyler and PJ to find out where they are. My legs start shaking while I see Greg running around the apartment trying to pull everything together. I call the ward and they say to take my time and come in the next hour or so. I’m standing in the shower rinsing off and William’s on the couch. Greg leaves the door wide open and thank goodness he was half asleep because I was just standing there totally exposed for all to see. We get everything together and head to the American Hospital around 2:00am.
12:40am March 30th. Water breaks (hind water)
2:00am Arrived @ the Hospital
8:30am 1st exam 2 cm dilated
11:45am 2nd exam (real water broken by midwife) 3-4 cm dilated, stronger contractions soon after
3:00pm 5 cm and epidural
6:00pm cyntocin to help stronger contractions and dilate faster. Baby’s heartbeat still perfect between 110-180
8:00-10:00pm progress slows down. Cecilia , French midwife disappears to the ER. Amanda Taylor shows up.
12:00am March 31st. Grandma Goldies Bday comes and goes. Dr. Jozsa arrives, has me try to push three times and decides on C-section.
1:37am Baby Dane is here!!!!

 Dr. Christian Jozsa
Dr. Christian Jozsa is German Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He specializes in Laparoscopy, Prolapse Surgery and Urinary Incontinence.

Dr. Christian Jozsa is German Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He specializes in Laparoscopy, Prolapse Surgery and Urinary Incontinence.

He is a Member of the German Incontinence Association.
Dr. Jozsa has extensive work experience as a consultant at the hospital of Laupheim with about 800 gynecological surgeries and 400 deliveries a year.
Dr. Jozsa completed his study of medicine at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

Possible Names and/or Middle Names
Kieran Cooper
Gianna Leigh

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some of my faves!

Some of my favorite things all wrapped into one!
  • Dubai (where my son was born)
  • water fountains (similar to the Bellagio where Greg proposed)
  • Arabic Music (keeps my relaxed and helps put me to sleep)
  • Dubai Mall that sits in front of the Burj (what girl doesn't love the world's best mall)
Ahhh... this was a good day!

Lebanon vs. Minnesota

Back to Des Moines

Bathing Cousins
Our little twin nephews, Max and Isaac
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Is this a joke? From 75 degrees to 8 ft tall snow banks of MN :(

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Happy Valentines Day Wouroud Style

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